Learn How Disable User Account Control (UAC) Windows 10

Hi,  In this Video I show how to Disable user account Control in windows 10.Same Step Follows for windows 7 and windows 8.1. UAC is a new security feature windows. Due to feature some of the application cant installed in windows. In this video tutorial I Just show you how disable this feature in windows. … Read more

How To Create a new partition in windows 7 without formatting

In this Series, I’m sharing you  how to create a new partition in Windows 7 without formatting hard disk. In Windows 7, There is a new feature called shrink volume. With this Feature you can separate new partition  without formatting the hard disk. In this Video Tutorial I’m Going show how to separate partition and … Read more

How To Create A Shortcut key for Open Program in Windows 7

     This is Tricks for the  Person who loved Windows and want to go further user experience.In Windows most of time you open a windows application using mouse but you assign a shortcut key of every particular Windows Application.But in Windows, There is no automation process for assign the shortcut keys. Usually in Windows,  you … Read more

Best Alternative Software for Microsoft Office

     Microsoft office one of the popular office suite. If you are running a small enterprise or you’re a business, MS office is best productivity Tool for Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Preparing Presentation, E-mail and also for Database designing. But purchasing the license for  MS office is the biggest barrier for small business enterprises. Apart from … Read more

How to schedule auto shutdown in windows 7

       Schedule Auto Shutdown in your system without using external software’s.  Its an easy step to follow and know how to schedule an auto shutdown in windows.                When you are installing a software or run antivirus scan you have to wait until process completion for shutdown. But in windows you can shutdown your system in … Read more