What is Google Analytics for dummies

Google analytics is a free and powerful tool for bloggers. It analyzes your web traffic, and it will give you a clear idea about your website.

 If you are new to blogging, you want  to know  yourweb traffic. So that you can increase the website productivity. Google analyticshelps you trackweb traffic forthe better results.

It provides you the details of which source you are getting the traffic and  what is your current status of the website.

 Installation is easier to follow. Once you login or create an account into your Google account. Google will guide for the next step. 

Feature of Google Analytics :-

  Google analytics provides report called audience source. From that you view the  root source of where your audience comes from. It’s also giving the details of language, OS and location of the visitors.  This will definitely help you to stay focused to your regular audience.

   The next feature is the traffic source. This will help you to track your traffic source. This tells you how you get the traffic by SEO or any social website. It also provides your advertising details of the website.

 Content source is the one the feature, It tells you from which keyword you’re getting higher traffic. This report also contains a feature of loading time of the website.

   You can set  a goal as you wish. This will help to give the best result for your website.Then we can customize our report. It makes us to get the report easier. And many more features are available.

And Finally, Google Analytics is a wonderful web application for a blogger. If you want to run your website successfully you have to know the web traffic details. Google really helps you track web Traffic, and it gives you the best result.