Relational Database Management System or RDMS (Intro)

RDMS or Relational Database Management System is most and important topic for both developer and Administrator. This is the foundation for all newbie’s. Let’s look out one by one…

1# what is RDBMS?
RDMS is a Database Management System (DBMS) that is based on relation model. RDMS concept invented by E.F.Codd of IBM. And much popular database management software like SQL, Oracle and DB2 are running under this concept.

2# what is Database?
Already I mentioned that RDMS is managing the database. Database is the organized collection of data. And it also collection of schema, tables, Query and Views.

3# what is table?
Table is set of data using row and column. A table contains minimum one row and column. In RDMS table is used for linking the one table to another table.

4# what is primary key?

Primary key is unique indentify field in a Database table. A table contains only one primary key. The main propose of primary key is to avoid duplicate records in a database table and avoid the NULL Values.