Gmail and Drive – Google new way of sharing files

Google implements a new way of send the files through Gmail. Google Doc and Drive file you can share through Gmail. Are you used the Gmail’s new composer? There many changes are made in Gmail. Google entirely changed its looks. Now you can attach your drive and Doc files in Gmail itself. Google Drive is … Read more

How to start a blog – For Beginners

Blogging is getting more popular  now a day’s.  If you are new to blogging , I am going to guide you for getting a better result.

Blogging is a nothing but sharing your knowledge or giving idea through the website. I like to share some tips before you starting blogging.
1. Why are you starting this blog?
There many reason’s people are blogging. Some for  money and some for sharing their experience and for research purpose. You have decided your path.  For  what purpose you’re entering into blogging.  

2. What’s your topic?

Next one what you are going to talk about. Chose a Topic which you are interested about. Don’t take a topic you are not familiar with it.  You will not be able to enjoy the blogging. So, don’t go for unfamiliar content. 

3. Proper Planning

Here I am taking about time management. You have to spend some time for  writing  your content. If you are lazy in this case, you can’t win this race.

4. Get up- to-date

Get theup-to-date  data, So that you can share the information with your audience or visitors. So, Stay Focused.

5. Do some Research?

Before starting a blog, Just get some idea from online. That will provide you a better result  for your website.

6. Avoid plagiarism in your website

This is one big mistake made bynewbie. Plagiarism is copying another site contain into your site. Please Avoid this kind of activity. It will never help you.

7. Learn the Basic of keyword and SEO

It Better to understand the SEO and Keyword Concept. This will help you to increase your website traffic.

8. Start your first blog 

  If you are  entirely new,Its Better to avoid paid domain Name and web hosting. Let start your blogfree one  Blogspot or Word press. These two are the best and free blogging platform.  After getting  the concept of blogging, Then migrate from Free blog to domain name and web hosting.  If you like to share in this post, Please share your idea’s here….

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How to set the multi-tab option in Google Chrome

Unlike Firefox,  Chrome isn’t having the Close Tab Option.  So, when you’re trying to close the chrome  in multi-tab session. It will not  give any warning message. Let see how to overcome from this Problem. When you are working with the chrome mulit-tab s, By mistake you click the close button. It immediately closed without any … Read more

What is Google Analytics for dummies

Google analytics is a free and powerful tool for bloggers. It analyzes your web traffic, and it will give you a clear idea about your website.  If you are new to blogging, you want  to know  yourweb traffic. So that you can increase the website productivity. Google analyticshelps you trackweb traffic forthe better results. It provides you the … Read more

How to download online video

How to download online video: At some point, we are stuck into downloading a video and many of us we don’t now to download the videos from the website. You can see many software offers video download’s in online. However, most of the things are mainly focused on YouTube. Apart from YouTube, you can download the video as per your wish … Read more