No Display in Computer

No display can happens due to several reasons.  I will give a simple tips for overcome this issue. No display is a common issue and Most of this issue occurs when your PC has any Hardware issue or some manual mistake done by user end.

When you turn on your system, you will notice that nothing shown on your screen but you can see the lights are blinking in computer. No display issue are most common problem found in the PC. You can fix the issue by simply analyzing your computer. And it will take minimum a minute to a hour for troubleshooting. Let see some common Troubleshoot for no display.
1)  Check your Monitor

1) First check you are getting a proper power supply to the monitor. If the power supply fine then check the VGA cable behind your PC are plugged correctly.

2) Next, You have to check your monitor is power ON. Because most of the time with rush we not see this type of simple thing. 

2)  Hardware Issue
RAM Issue

1) No display are occur mostly due to RAM issue. Check the RAM is sensing properly. RAM not properly fixed in slot no display will happens.
2) Just open the PC Right side door, and Remove the RAM from RAM SLOT and very gently clean the RAM Pins with clean cotton cloth (Don’t Use any chemical for cleaning) and fix it gain .
3) If your are using two RAM Slot, Just remove the first RAM and Turn ON. And then Remove the Second RAM and reinstalled the first and Turn ON the PC. From this you can identify the which RAM is faulty.

Note:- you are installed two RAM, If one RAM get faulty and it will affect your PC. So, You have to verify that Both the RAM’s are working fine.
Check your Motherboard

1) In motherboard, check any short circuit in internal cables by unplug all cables in the motherboard and turn ON the your PC. If you can see the display in screen, Plug the cables in one by one to  find the short cable.
2) Clearing  BIOS Setting by removing the CMOS batteries and wait for few seconds and fix it again.
3) Check the processor ventilation are working correctly. When turn ON the system and check the processor fan are working.
4) Remove the processor and fix it again.

Note:- Be careful while re-fixing the processor in motherboard. Because if you are using pinless processor, with rough handle it will damage your motherboard processor pin.
Check the Power Supply

Check SMPS Getting proper power supply and giving the power supply to motherboard.

3) Hardware failure

1) Hardware failure will identify only replacing the spare parts. Without spare parts  you can’t judgmental the faulty one.
2) In many case, simple by Reinstalling the the hardware parts you can see the result.

Did I missed any troubleshooting steps that fix the No display issue? Let me known the details  in command’s.