Introduction of Networking (Part 1)

What is network?

Network is a group of computer and other device connecting in a transmission media. Network connection may be small and large number of computer. Network usually used for exchange the data and accessing the device.

Types of Networks:

Computer network can be having different levels of controls over shared data’s or device. There are two basic network models are using, they are:

  1. Peer to peer Network
  2. Client / Server Network
Peer to Peer Network:

It is a simplest form of a network connecting one computer to another computer. In Peer to Peer Network, User can access directly with another computer within the network. Every computer can send and receive the data from any other computer. In Peer to Peer Connection there is no centralized computer for controlling the users shared details.


  1. They are simple to access and configure.
  2. Cost is low and very easy maintain.
  1. It’s difficult to maintain large network.
  2. It’s not fully secure. Your data can easily handled by unauthorized network users. Security is very low in this network.
Client / Server Network:

A centralized Computer is called as Server. And A Computer which depends on a centralized Computer called Client. Client is also known as workstation. A network which uses the server to enable the client shared Document and device is known as client/server network.


  1. User logon and access their data from anyone of the server-based network computer.
  2. Client has controls of their shared data. Security level is high in this network.
  3. Because of large disk space, it’s more efficient.
  4. Faster network connection.
  1. Cost is high for configuration. So, it is not suitable for smaller workstation.
  2. Need professional people for handling network.