Introduction of Network (Network Types) – Part2

In my previous post, we see the basic of computer networking. In this post we are going to see deeper about networking. If you have more than a computer, you must have a network to share your device and data.

Depend on area and Number of computers, network are change. Most Common types of network are:

  • LAN – Local Area Network
  • WAN – Wide Area Network
  • MAN – Metropolitan Area Network
  • WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network


LAN is stands for local Area Network. This type of network is most commonly used network. LAN is used to connect a short distance network needs. It is mostly used in small office, Building or School. LAN may be Peer to Peer Network or Client/Server Network. It’s depends on the client needs network type may be differ.


WAN is stands for Wide Area Network. This used only in large scale industry. It’s a dispersed collection of LAN. WAN is usually used in an organization which has their office in different location. Example for WAN is ATM.WAN has a centralized server for controlling the network.


MAN is Stands for Metropolitan Area Network. MAN is large than LAN and Smaller than WAN. MAN is usually used in Government and large organization.


WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network. WLAN is a LAN based on WIFI technology. This type of connection is rarely used.