Intel Core I3 vs I5 vs I7 vs I9 Processor – Which CPU Should You Buy?

Introducing Intel Core Processor

The processor is the brain of a computer or a Laptop. Selecting the best processor is the most important for your needs.

Intel is the most powerful processor and they have multiple cores for power and multitasking purpose. Selecting the right processor is more challenging for you.

Currently, there are four categories of processor available: Intel i3, i5, i7 and i9 processor. Each processor having a different configuration, price and purpose.

Let’s go deeper into the topic which helps to understand the basic things about Intel processor.

Note: Currently, Intel launched its 9th generation processor. And based on the latest update I comparing the processor. Before buying a Laptop or Desktop. You have to check the generation of the processor.

Number of Cores

The processor can have a single or more than one core (Multiple Core). The processor two physical cores within the processor are called as dual-cores (Intel dual-core processor is the best example which having two cores) and Quad-core will have four physical core within the processor.

Multiple Core is very useful for multi-tasking. If you are run two applications same time and your processor is dual core than each core will share the process and reduce the CPU load.

Note: The number behind the Intel processor name not representing the number of core available in the processor. It’s just a processor family name.

Number of Cores2-4 2-6 2-6 6

Clock Speed

Clock speed simply tells you, how fast a processor can perform a task or how many processes can take per second. Clock speed is measured by gigahertz (GHz).

Clock Speed2.10 – 4.00 GHz1.30 – 3.60 GHz1.50 – 4.00 GHz2.90 GHz

Hyper Threading

Hyperthreading is the processor allow a single core to behave like two virtual cores to improve the performance of the processor. This technology not available in all Intel processor. In simple, the traditional process can handle one task at a time. In Hyperthreading, each core can handle two task at a time.

Hyper ThreadingYESNOYESYES

Turbo Boost

Turbo boost is the technology in Intel processor which help to accelerate or increase the clock speed of the processor to work beyond the default level on peak loading period. When you are working with video or graphic design software which needs to increase the processor speed and now the processor check the power consumption and processor temperature. If it’s below the estimated value of the processor, It automatically allows the processor cores to function higher than the default setting or clock speed.


Cache Size

The processor needs some data to perform a task. If you are working on your laptop, the first RAM store the command or data which is given from your end and now the data is pulled from RAM and stored in the cache memory(Temporary memory) and now processor performs its task.

Cache is Just like RAM its store the data. Both RAM and cache memory hold the user data. Without them, the Processor needs to keep on reading Hard disk which increases the processing time.

RAM reduces the interaction with hard disk and Cache memory in a processor reduces the frequent interaction with RAM and this will increase the speed of the processor. Obviously, With the large cache memory, data can access quickly.

Cache Size4 - 8 MB4 - 9 MB4 - 8 MB12 MB

Comparing Cores i3, i5, i7 and i9

Core i3: This for basic user and economic choice. Core i3 is the best choice for who performing daily computing task like web surfing, video streaming or any office typing work.

Core i5: This is for the intermediate user who is working with photoshop or working with big excel data and good for gaming users.

Core i7: This for high-end professionals who working in graphical designing or 3D modelling software it will work smoothly.

Core i9: i9 is the new addition of Intel Family. Intel i9 is the most powerful processor for performing the multi-task in the high-end software. And its is the ultimate tool for virtual reality gaming.

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Intel i7 is the best processor providing best graphics, speed and performance. But when comes to price Intel i3 is the best choice for completing your daily task.

For gaming user I recommend go with i5 or i7 Which gives the best experience in gaming and for professionals who work with graphics designing or animation work, Intel i7 is the best choice.

And i9 for superuser who work with high-end software or virtual reality gaming. Overall features differ from processor to processor. Before buying a laptop or desktop choosing the right processor as per your need is more important.

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