How to set the multi-tab option in Google Chrome

Unlike Firefox,  Chrome isn’t having the Close Tab Option.  So, when you’re trying to close the chrome  in multi-tab session. It will not  give any warning message. Let see how to overcome from this Problem.

When you are working with the chrome mulit-tab s, By mistake you click the close button. It immediately closed without any alter message. Then You have to start your work from the beginning.  This is a common problem facing by chrome users.  Google providing  add-on called Chorme Toolbar

  It looks like normal chrome option windows.  In this add-on  some additional feature are added. One of the features is multitab option.

After the installation just go to the chrome toolbox > option.Then select the select the conform before the closing multitab option. Now you can see the warning tab will appear when you’re trying to close when the chrome in mulittab.

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