How to schedule auto shutdown in windows 7

       Schedule Auto Shutdown in your system without using external software’s.  Its an easy step to follow and know how to schedule an auto shutdown in windows.
                When you are installing a software or run antivirus scan you have to wait until process completion for shutdown. But in windows you can shutdown your system in particular time period and it will save your waiting time.
                     This process down by scheduling auto shutdown process in schedule task. Let see how to schedule a task :-
Go to start and type keyword task start search or Go to
Start –> All programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Task Scheduler.
Now right Click the Task Scheduler and Click Create Task.
Assign Name for scheduler for reference      
Go to Action Tab and click the New button and click the browser . Go to OS Drive(Mostly C Drive) –> Windows –> System32 –> Shutdown.exe
  After creation you have to assign the data and time
If the process is not completed particular period you have a problem. So, this option will help to extend your schedule timing. Just select the check box for shutdown your computer when idle state only and click OK. You schedule automatic Shutdown process .

Note:- Same process is applicable for windows XP and  other windows product.