How to Make Money with Clixsense – Clixsense Review

   Blogging is a great tool for earning money from online. But most of starters struggling and takes time to make some money from blogging.
In the meantime, for newbies Clixsense is the best place to make some money online. I tested and its working fine for me. I really love this program. And I’m sure this site will help to you to make money. I like to share my experience with Clixsense.

My research begins here..

It was the most exciting moment when I hear about Clixsense for the first time. But when I googled, I found both positive and negative commands about Clixsense. So I decided to make a try. Joining is free of cost, there is no lose if I failed. And I joined in that movement (28 Feb 2016 and no cost for joining), I start working and almost I’m very active and I earned $13 in 20 days. And it was my first earning with clixsense. It feels great and I get my payment Via PayPal within 10 days. When I am writing this post its almost 3 months past and I made $40| (Not bad for a beginner). And Now I have planned to shift standard user to Premium user (For upgrade you have to invest (Not more its only $17)).

How make money with clixsense

What you can Expect from Clixsense

Clixsense is PTC Site, In beginning you can earn $10 to $20 without any hard work. And with the help of your reference, you can make some decent money with Clixsense. Joining the downline (Reference) is the challenging job for me. For Standard member, 20 percent You will get commission up to 1 tier and Premium member you get 20 percent for 1st tier and 1 percent up to 8 tier.

How can you earn money

Ads Click

Every day you have to click and view 20 to 25 ads. Ad rate will vary from $0.001 to $0.01. I almost click daily and I spend a half hour to one hour and I can make $0.04 /day from clicking ads.

Paid survey

By completing simple surveys you get paid. Everyday you will find different survey requests and survey price will vary from $0.24 to $1.50. I have done almost 60 survey and I get nearly 35 dollars.

Finishing The Simple Task

By finishing the simple task, You get paid and again Task price is variable.


For every reference you will get $2 has commission (Until he reached $10). And there is no limit for adding. Has long I’m having 16 references and I am getting making some money in this.


1) More opportunity for earning
2) Payment getting faster
3) Affiliate earning
4) Clear earning report
5) Good customer support


1) Ad rate is very low.
2) The survey is based on Geo (If you are from the US and Canada, You get more survey)


Clixsense the best place to earn money for starters. Hardly I spend one hour daily.And in the beginning, You can’t see much money on it, but by putting effect by adding reference you see some money from it. Has my research clixsense providing more opportunity to money compared to other PTC site. And if you can able to add active reference, you can make decent money from clixsense.