How To Create A Shortcut key for Open Program in Windows 7

     This is Tricks for the  Person who loved Windows and want to go further user experience.In Windows most of time you open a windows application using mouse but you assign a shortcut key of every particular Windows Application.
But in Windows, There is no automation process for assign the shortcut keys. Usually in Windows,  you have to assign the shortcut key. Here I am going to show how to create shortcut key for opening an particular application in Windows. This almost similar for all Windows  product like Windows 7,8.1 or 10.

    Before assigning  the shortcut keys you have to choose which key you are going to use for the application. OK Lets begin..

1)  First Select the application where you want create shortcut key  and  Right Click application.


2) Click Property  and Go to shortcut keys Textbox.


3) Select the Shortcut text and Press Shortcut Key to assign and Click Apply.

 It is most important thing is you have select right key for assigning the shortcut. You can also see the video above more clarification.