Google Reader is Getting Shutdown : Here is some Alternative

   Google announced that “Google Reader will not be available after July 01 2013”. This is a really bad News, But we having some alternative solution for this.

As Blogger, It’s most important to stay update in online. So, I real know the important of Google reader for finding Interesting News and feeds to me. When I login Google Reader Yesterday, It’s real been shocked. Google decided to close there Google Reader service and its appear has message box when you login the Google reader account.

Google offer two reason , First one is  ”Usage of Google Reader has declined ” and next one is “as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products”. So, this a really bad News for Blogger and who want to stay updates. But I am not only depend on Google service. I using some alternative website and application for stay update. Before Shutdown  take your Google Reader Data backup. Here is the Steps for taking a backup.

  1. Goto Google takeout
  2. Select choose services Google_Reader
  3. Select the Google Reader
  4. Click the Download and save the Data in Local drive and Then Upload your Data in 3rd Party Tools.


Google Reader  alternative


    First and my favorite one is feedly, Actually it’s an Extension for Google Chrome ,Firefox and For mobile Apps like Apple and android. It’s one of the best alternatives for Google readers.


  Newsblur is the one of best News website. It’s a paid service, the cost will $2 per month. But its really good alternatives. Service available for Android and IPhone.


Pulse is the other alternative for Google Reader, Its Also Available for Android,Apple and IPhone. It’s Free Service.


It’s a free Website like Google Readers. This is the one of the Best alternative for Google Readers.

   The above mentioned service are very good alternative for Google Reader.  The Hidden reason for Google Reader is Google not making any money from this service. So, we have to face this change. Do let me know I miss any, And also share your ideas.