Best Alternative Software for Microsoft Office

     Microsoft office one of the popular office suite. If you are running a small enterprise or you’re a business, MS office is best productivity Tool for Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Preparing Presentation, E-mail and also for Database designing.
But purchasing the license for  MS office is the biggest barrier for small business enterprises. Apart from MS office, There are many office suites available in online. And the good news is Most the tools are available for free and also for paid and Cost comparing to MS office is low.    The tools like spreadsheets, Word Process, Outlook and presentation are the most important to attracting your business success. Let’s see the alternative resource.
WPS office Suite
     One of my favorite program which contains a spreadsheet, Word Process and presentation. WPS is almost  similar to MS office. User Interface (UI) also same in Microsoft office. The WPS office suite is a free and paid service. Most of the excel formulas, Filter  and Pivot are working in WPS Office suite.
Apache openoffice
     Openoffice is open source program. Unlike WPS, OpenOffice is not a user friendly. MS Access database is the main advantage of these tools and  The disadvantage in this is most of the excel options are not available in this program. This is a completely free, So, we can’t expect more from this program.
Google Docs
     This software is powered by google. You can use a spreadsheet, Excel and Presentation. This a cloud base service for free.
     This tool is the best alternative for MS Office outlook where you can see your mails in offline. This software powered by Firefox.
     Gmail is also  one of the best alternatives for Outlook. But unlike Thunderbird, You can’t view the mails in offline. In another handle this will be the best alternative for Ms Office Outlook.
     There are many more alternative tools available in MS Office. But you can’t expect this tool is in one software.  Unlike MS office, There are some limitation for freeware. But apart from that, this will be a best alternative resource for us.