Author: Noor Deen


Difference Between Union and Union all

     Union and Union all both the command is used concatenate the two different SQL result. Then what will be the difference let see… Union The union is the command used to link the...


What is Database Management System

         In a small , Medium or large industries, Maintaining data and retrieving the data is more important for improving their business it’s a normal one. We can’t maintain our data’s in paperwork especially...


Introduction of Networking (Part 1)

What is network? Network is a group of computer and other device connecting in a transmission media. Network connection may be small and large number of computer. Network usually used for exchange the data...

No Display in Computer 0

No Display in Computer

No display can happens due to several reasons.  I will give a simple tips for overcome this issue. No display is a common issue and Most of this issue occurs when your PC has...

How to schedule auto shutdown in windows 7 0

How to schedule auto shutdown in windows 7

       Schedule Auto Shutdown in your system without using external software’s.  Its an easy step to follow and know how to schedule an auto shutdown in windows.                When you are installing a software or...

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