Learn How Disable User Account Control (UAC) Windows 10

Hi,  In this Video I show how to Disable user account Control in windows 10.Same Step Follows for windows 7 and windows 8.1. UAC is a new security feature windows. Due to feature some of the application cant installed in windows. In this video tutorial I Just show you how disable this feature in windows. … Read more

How to reduce upload speed in utorrent

Hi in this video tutorial, we are going to see how to reduce upload speed in utorrent.In utorrent upload speed take maximum bandwidth. Due to this  your bandwidth will get affect. In this demo i just show to reduce it. If you have any Query’sContact ME  :- [email protected] More Details: http://dreaminfoworld.blogspot.in/Subcribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuTShJ0tdaPiLn3g-gRjRPQFacebook :https://www.facebook.com/SearchingforNew

How To Create a new partition in windows 7 without formatting

In this Series, I’m sharing you  how to create a new partition in Windows 7 without formatting hard disk. In Windows 7, There is a new feature called shrink volume. With this Feature you can separate new partition  without formatting the hard disk. In this Video Tutorial I’m Going show how to separate partition and … Read more

How To Create A Shortcut key for Open Program in Windows 7

     This is Tricks for the  Person who loved Windows and want to go further user experience.In Windows most of time you open a windows application using mouse but you assign a shortcut key of every particular Windows Application.But in Windows, There is no automation process for assign the shortcut keys. Usually in Windows,  you … Read more

How to bulid a successful Blog

  Blogging is the most interesting thing. Many People sharing their passion and new idea through their. But unfortunately all bloggers not getting that success. Most of the bloggers struggling to run their blog successfully. For them, I like to share my ideas with them. Learn From Failure  The Failure gives  you lot of learning. … Read more

Best Alternative Software for Microsoft Office

     Microsoft office one of the popular office suite. If you are running a small enterprise or you’re a business, MS office is best productivity Tool for Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Preparing Presentation, E-mail and also for Database designing. But purchasing the license for  MS office is the biggest barrier for small business enterprises. Apart from … Read more